A Miskolctapolca Barlangfürdő a Miskolc Csoport tagja


There are 2 pieces tufa Finnish saunas suitable for 10 persons, there is one tufa Finnish sauna suitable for 4 persons, and there is one tufa Finnish sauna suitable for 30 people. There is one steam bath cabin suitable for 14 persons and additionally 3 infrasaunas. These saunas waiting for our guests who would like to refresh and detoxicate this way. Our guets can use the plunging basin of 16-18 °C after using sauna or alternatively cool their hot body traditionally by shower.

Why do we recommend saunas during the whole year?

Our body can get rid of toxins using saunas, since we start to swelter under hot temperature of sauna. Our pores delate this way toxins and injurants can easily and quickly leave our body. We can speed up this process and make it more affective if we drink a lot of liquids before and after the saunas, help to make toxins leave our body system. Since injurants get out to surface of skin through pores during usage of sauna, it is advisable to use shower directly after sauna.

How is is available for you?

Services are available in the Cave Bath during open hours. You need to purchase a separate sauna ticket that can be bought in the cashier or in the sauna park.

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