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Refreshing massages

Why do we recommend refreshing massages?

Refreshing massage helps to resolve relaxation of spasm and stress arisen in muscles.

These stresses usually cause circular or premanent pain, especially in the area of backbone, shoulder and neck. Massage decrease the sense of tiredness ,has affect on prevention of sickness and refreshes, recreates body. It improves circulation, and replace active moving to a certain extent.

Treatment is done by hand with good quality massage oils and creams. Herb essence of oil soak in deep in epidermis, evolving long lasting positive affect. However refreshing massage is not equal to medicinal massage.

How is it available for you?

Services are available in the „Aquatherapy of Cave Bath” during open hours. Appointment can be fixed – in advance as well – personally, or by phone: +36 46 561-360 or alternatively by e-mail gyogyaszat@mcturisztika.hu .

Please have a look at our detailed price list of wellness services.

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