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Lymphoid massage

Why do we recommend lymphoid massage?

Aim of lymphoid massage to clear off toxin and water pent-up in the taenia due to disorder of lymphoid system. Beside to ablolish oedema, bulge and increase resistivity of body system. Massage decreases lymphoid oedema and speed up metabolism’ processes of cells. Clearing off excretas would intensify due to massage. In the course of lymphoid massage ganglionary is bled by pressing and pumping movements, increasing to clear off atonic lymphoids.

Treament improves the way patient feels: activate immune system, relaxing, antiphlogistic and has sedative affect.

How is it available for you?

Services are available in the „Aquatherapy of Cave Bath” during open hours. Appointment can be fixed – in advance as well – personally, or by phone: +36 46 561-360 or alternatively by e-mail gyogyaszat@mcturisztika.hu

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