A Miskolctapolca Barlangfürdő a Miskolc Csoport tagja

Entrance fee

The ticket prices of season (01.05.2017-31.08.2017) are available here!

Vaild: 01 Sept 2016 - 30 Apr 2017

Basic entrance fees
Adult (without time limit) 2050 HUF/person
Adult 4-hour spa ticket (Price on holiday and weekends for 4 hours stay time) 1500 HUF/person
Child/student/retired (without time limit) 1650 HUF/person
Child/student/retired 4 – hour spa ticket (Price on holiday and weekends for 4 hours stay time) 1200 HUF/person
Night bathing (in previously annouced times) 2600 HUF/person
Special offers
Miskolc Pass tourist card Free
Entrance fee for group of adults (more than 15 people, without time limit) 1850 HUF/person
Entrance fee for group of children/student/retired (more than 15 persons, without time limit) 1450 HUF/person
Entrance fee for family (2 adults and one child, without time limit) 5100 HUF
Comlement entrance fee for other child .This fee belongs for family ticket (without time limit) 1450 HUF/person
"Last minute" entrance fee (to 30.04 from 3:00pm available for purchase only on weekdays) 1850 HUF/person
Complement entrance fees
Lost cabinet key per piece 5000 HUF/person
Lost wristwatch per piece 2000 HUF/person
  • Fees in price list are gross with VAT. Prices are in HUF/person and authorised for entering daily, one time.
  • Prices either are without time limit or with time limit.
  • Special offers include discount, no more discount can be valid.
  • In case of lost armband, entrance fee without time limit must be payed.
  • Children under 4 years are free.
  • Cabinet works with coin 100 HUF.
  • Children under 4 years old must wear swimming suit or napkin.
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